Perfect Spanish Holidays In Almeria

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A holiday full of sightseeing

Costa de Almeria is one of the sunniest and most beautiful places in Spain, one of the regions that tourists choose for the wonderful beaches with delicate sands and crystal clear waters. However, there are some who get bored of lying in the sun; they are the active tourists, those who prefer to spend their day walking around, trying to discover and explore the surroundings, the ones who love to sightsee. For them, the history of the province can prove to be mesmerizing and the days spent sightseeing can be very busy, as Costa de Almeria is full of buildings and monuments that write small pieces of its history.

The main attractions

Sightseeing must start with the beautiful city of Almeria; Almeria is a place where a lot of battles have been given for rule over the area, so the fingerprints of those times are still visible all over the city. Start your sightseeing day with the Castle of Alcazaba, the same castle that hosted 20,000 men during war times. The castle is very imposing, guarding over the city and over the Gothic Cathedral from the top of the hill; tourists have the feeling that the castle is a sleeping colossus that can always wake up when needed. The Cathedral is a very interesting monument of Almeria; the style is unique as it combines Gothic and Renaissance elements. In addition to this, the Cathedral has a few features which make it look like a fortress; the reason for this is represented by the raids of the pirates, which were frequent and only a few centuries ago. If you want to see a collection of ancient objects discovered in the city, go to the Almeria Museum and you will learn some interesting details regarding the past of the city.

The surroundings

Almeria is very close to the natural park known under the name of Cabo de Gata Nijar. You will be impressed by its beauty, which is breathtaking; hidden coves, volcanic formations, and coral reefs, all patiently waiting to be explored. If you want a one-day trip, go to Mojacar, the town which still keeps the authentic Spanish spirit alive. The 14th century Church, the 18th century houses, the Moorish fountain, they all are proof of what the region used to be. So, if you are passionate about sightseeing, go to Almeria!

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Perfect Spanish Holidays In Almeria

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This article was published on 2011/01/13